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Web Content Management System

Businesses today, especially blue-chip companies, will need to have a web presence to improve efficiencies and executing flawless operations for better productivity and greater revenue generation. However, customers, suppliers, channels, shareholders will lose confidence by outdated content, information which can mislead them and cause damages to the organization.

Our Web Content Management System provides fast, easy content and design updates through a friendly web-based system, giving your organization the competitive edge, making your Web site as the most effective communication tool. It is 24 x 7 x 365 – allows virtual, frequent web content updates, optimizing your website’s audience outreach capabilities.

With our Web Content Management System, you can even delegate your clerk to instantly update content, create forms, surveys, news, events, etc and publish them to your websites without knowing HTML, nor having the need to meddle with complex file-upload software.

‘We are pleased in our choice of using OnLine.CMS.  It has given us full control of website content management and its easy interface does not require a full-time website engineer to program and maintain.  Best of all, updates are ‘real-time’; any mistakes can be corrected instantly!”

- Tan Hwee Sim, Publications & MIS Manager, Ewing Communications

Key Advantages of WIRED-MEDIA’s Web Content Management System


  • Get professional results without any web-design experience
  • Create media-rich and engaging web content on-the-fly
  • Update text, images, Flash, videos, PDF documents, add new pages, forms, forums, surveys instantly.
  • Microsoft WordTM compliant
  • 36 ready-to-use professional templates to choose from.


  • Pay only what you need
  • No hefty licensing fees, hidden costs or lumps sum upfront for software ownership and hosting
  • Write-off software upgrading costs as our OnLine.CMS gives you the latest features and upgrades without any additional top-ups o upgrade fees.


  • Multi-level user content access, allowing both administrator and content owner to specify who and what they want each group of users to see, create or edit.
  • No need to go through third parties to get your site online, updated, backup.
  • Extensive data-mining features for administrators to collate information, with easy exporting of results to Microsoft Excel format.
  • Visitors’ statistics readily available to aid better decision making.


On-the-Fly Creations

  •  Ready-to-use templates
  • 22 generic page layouts
  •  Built-in search engine
  • Built-in data-mining capabilities
  • Quick-to-create menu
  • Table creation


  • Text editor
  • WYSIWYG online content editor
  • Supports Cut-&-Paste, Drag-&-Drop from Microsoft WordTM, ExcelTM
  • Live preview
  • Page manager

Site Management

  • Easy-to-use site management tools
  • Comprehensive administrative features
  • User grouping
  • User access levels

Supported Capabilities

  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multiple document format support: includes Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft WordTM, ExcelTM, PowerpointlTM
  • Multimedia support : includes Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime, Window Media
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Complete online documentation

System Requirements

  • Microsoft WindowsTM NT, 98 SE, Me, 2000, and XP
  • Microsoft Internet Explore 5.0 or later


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