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Now you can have a web site that is an embodiment of designs and content assets done with speed

This web-based tool – Online.CMS enables organization to implement their eBusiness strategy in the shortest possible time with minimal efforts and knowledge of web development.

With Online.CMS, you can now create quality web sites on the fly.  Just choose what you want, and most importantly, what you need.  You no longer need to engage expensive designers to design and maintain your site.  No more delays in getting it updated.

The following features are just some of the many available at Online.CMS:

  • Site Management tool ― gives you the power and ease to define certain site properties.

  • Template Libraries ― you can choose the right template for your business from a collection of professionally designed templates. You can change your libraries as and when you need a fresh look for your site. Developer and Designer can also edit the those Libraries by using the comprehensive templates system to meet their requirement.

  • Admin Login ― security of your site has been taken care of too. To prevent unauthorized access, a user name and password will be assigned to you upon confirmation of your subscription.

  • User Administration ― Want a certain user to gain full control of your site, and on the other hand, disabling certain features for another user? No problem, the engine provides the versatility in assigning user levels to the various users of your site.

  • Multi-tier Cascading Button ― Allow you to condense multiple site links into a cascading menu, freeing valuable screen space for your site visitors. Cascading Menus on your web site make your visitors feel ‘right at home’ on your site by providing them with a navigation interface they are already familiar with.

  • Search Tool ― a Search Tool is also available for the convenience of your visitors.  It allows your visitors to search for the information they seek.

  • Email A Friend Tool ― you will also be able to add in the Email-A-Friend option to your website.  This is an excellent tool to drive traffic and prospects to your site by referrals.

  • Multi-Lingual Support ― whether you do business on a global scale or not, your web site will be visited by people from all over the world and your business opportunity increases if your site can be viewed in multiple languages. The engine supports multi-languages, be it Traditional or Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, or even Yiddish.

  • Contents Management Tool ― no need to worry about not knowing HTML to create your web pages. The Text to HTML input box works like any word processor and format your contents into web pages. There is even a built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor if you ever need one.

  • Printable Version ― no need to create additional printable version of HTML files for printing. Just turn-on the Printable Version feature, Online.CMS will automatically format the web page for your customers to print.

  • Multimedia ― allow you to insert high-impact content that provide a competitive advantage on web. Its built-in with HTML Scroller & Marquee features designed to add rich environment for website visitors. Online.CMS support wide range of multimedia formates such as Picture, Flash, Real-Video/Audio Streaming, MS Media Streaming and QuickTime Streaming.

  • Member Management ― allow you to manage your group members and grant them permission for accessing private contents.

  • File Sharing and Management ― You can simply upload and publish MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files on your web site. You can even control which of the registered user’s group can access those files.

  • Forums ― allow you to gain creditability with your websites visitors. Building relationships with your visitors is easy with forums, if you post regularly and actively discuss different topics with your forum members then gradually you will get to know them, and more importantly they will get to know you.

  • Mass E-mail ― is a powerful mass e-mailing function to send bulk email messages that are personalized for each recipient, and deepen your relationships with customers, market your products and services globally.

  • Survey and Forms Management Tool ― forms can be created with minimal efforts with this easy-to-use tool. You can now collect information from your visitors, prospects or survey respondents, and send online reports to bosses wherever you are.

The development team at WIRED-MEDIA is currently working on adding more features to this powerful online tool. On the pipeline are shopping malls and CRM.

A host of clients have already signed up and launched their websites with Online.CMS

To learn more about this web-based content management system, please contact us at E-mail:

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