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Email Configuration - Internet Mail in a Box

1. Go to the Spry Mail S/W, click on Options => Preferences

2. Under the "Send Mail By", select the "SMTP"

3. Then go to the "Internet in a box" Program Group look for "Configuration Utility"

4. Under the "Current Configuration", click on the "host"

5. Under E-mail Username type in Email Address

6. Under the E-mail Password type in the Email Password

7. Under the POP3 E-mail Host column type in the mailbox server "pop.<your domain name>"
    (e.g. for domain wmasia.net, the server is pop.wmasia.net)

8. Under the SMTP Relay Host column, type in "asmtp.<your domain name>"
    (e.g. for domain wmasia.net, the server is asmtp.wmasia.net)

9. Enter the Email Address under the E-mail address column

10. Click on 'Ok' to save the settings

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