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Email Configuration - Outlook Express 6

1. Launch the Outlook Express

2. From the main windows , click on "Tools" > "Accounts..." option

3. You should see a dialog window appears as shown below

4. From the "Mail" tab , select the account and click on the "Properties" button

5. Next you should see another dialog windows appear

6. Configure the settings as follows:

  • Name : any name you like
  • E-mail address : email address (e.g.<userid>@<user domain name>)
  • Reply address : email address (e.g.<userid>@<user domain name>)

7. Click on "Servers" tab

8. Configure the settings as follows:

  • Outgoing mail: asmtp.<your domain name>
    (e.g. asmtp.wmasia.net)
  • Incoming mail: pop.<your domain name>
    (e.g. pop.wmasia.net)
  • Account Name: Your Email Address

9. Tick on "My server requires authentication"

10. Click on 'Settings' button

11. Select the 2nd option "Log on using"

12. Under Account name, key in your full email address

13. Click on 'Ok' to save your settings

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