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How to set Mail Forwarding?

Please follow the steps below on how to set your own Mail Forwarding:

  1. Go to your web mail service in the internet (the URL is http://mail.<your.domain.name>, for example for domain 'wmasia.net', the URL will be http://mail.wmasia.net).

  2. Under user id, key in your email address.

  3. Once login, you will be able to see a pull down menu on the left. Click on it and select the option 'Change Mail Forwarding Information'.

  4. Enter an e-mail address in the Forward text box. If you want to send a user's mail to another user on the same host, enter the simple user ID ( userid instead of userid@<your.domain.name>). To send the user's mail to a different host, enter a complete mail address.

  5. To leave a copy of a message in the user's mailbox and forward a copy to another user, precede the address with a period and comma (.,) using the format: .,userid@<domain name>. To forward to multiple users, separate each mail address with a comma.

  6. Click on 'Save' button to save the changes.

  7. To turn mail forwarding off, make sure the text box is empty and click the 'Save' button.

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