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FTP Server vs Web Server

FTP Server

  • FTP Server allows you to login into your web server so that you can upload your webpages or other files up.
  • There are many methods in logging in, the more popular ones are the WS_FTP program or Browser FTP.
  • Before you login into your FTP account, you need to know the domain's FTP administrative username, password and host name.
  • Once login, you will be able to see all the webpages files and other files that  is residing in your web server.

Web Server

  • Inside your web server, you will be able to see different folders and files.
  • By default, if you have not upload any files up, you should be able to see 3 folders.
    - "database" folder
    - "logs" folder
    - "www" folder
  • The database folder is for you to store any database files (e.g. Microsoft Access) that your websites may need to access some datas.
  • The logs folder contains log file that logged the visitors that visits your sites. This is auto-generated by the system and you should not delete any of the files inside the folder.
  • The www folder is for you to store all the webpages files that you want to be shown live to other people from all over the world to see when they visit your website.
  • It should be made known to you that the homepage of your website must be index.html, index.htm files, index.cfm, index.asp, default.htm, default.asp, index.shtml, index.wml or default.aspx in order. That is to say your hompage must be either one of the file. If you have 2 existing files (like index.html & index.htm), the file index.html will be recognised as the homepage.

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